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SESA By-Laws (revised - July 2012)





Article I


Section 1 – At every meeting all questions shall be determined by a majority of votes (except alterations of the Constitution, as therein provided), the presiding officer not being entitled to a vote except in case the vote is equally divided, when he shall have the deciding vote.


Section 2 – At each meeting, when the President shall have called THE ASSOCIATION to order, the Committee on Credentials shall immediately determine as to the credentials of the representative.


Article II




Section 1 – The following Standing Committees, each consisting of three or more Representatives of THE ASSOCIATION, shall be appointed by the President at least sixty days before the annual meeting of THE ASSOCIATION, Committees shall examine and report to THE ASSOCIATION upon the several maters referred to them.


Credentials – Whose duty it shall be to examine and report upon the credentials of the elected Representatives.


Emeritus – To this committee shall be referred the name of any member who has qualified and attended as a Representative for 15 years upon the certification of the Recorder of his Temple and the Secretary of the Association.  A Certificate of Emeritus Membership shall be issued.


Finance and Accounts – It shall be its duty to examine the books and vouchers of the Secretary-Treasurer; it shall annually recommend such appropriations as may be necessary.


Necrology – To it shall be referred the names and records of the dead, that a fitting memorial may be made in the proceedings of the good deeds of those who have entered The Unseen Temple.


Time and Place – Shall consist of the First, Secord, Third, Fourth and Fifth Vice-Presidents, and Secretary-Treasurer, whose duty it shall be yearly to recommend a Time and Place for the next three annual conventions.  The next Annual Meeting or Meetings shall be decided by a majority vote of the Representatives assembled.


The Representatives may by a majority vote at any time, authorize the Time and Place Committee to select the city for its Annual Convention and mid-year meeting.


Any invitation or invitations in order to be valid must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Southeastern Shrine Association at least thirty (30) days prior to opening date of the Annual Convention.  The Secretary shall in turn notify the members of the Time and Place Committee.


Welfare and Advisory – There shall be a Welfare and Advisory Committee composed of the officers and Past Presidents of the Association to who shall be referred all matters pertaining to the betterment of the Shrine, its charities and membership deportment.  It shall be the duty of this committee to meet twice annually to discuss and recommend to the various committee, uniform unit group and to the Association such matters as in their discretion should properly be brought to the attention of the various committees, uniform unit groups, and the Association, affecting the welfare of the organization and adherence to Shriners International Law.

Other necessary Committees may be appointed by the President.






Section 1 – The Seal shall be round, not less than two inches in diameter, with the words: “SOUTHEASTERN SHRINE ASSOCIATION, ORGANIZED DECEMBER 19th, 1934,” in an outer circle, the center to contain a condensed map in the shape of nine Southeastern States in THE ASSOCIATION.


Article IV


Section 1Annual Meeting – The President of the Association shall appoint a Director-General for the Annual Meeting who shall be a Member of Temple in whose jurisdiction the Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held. This appointment shall be made with the approval of the Divan of the Host Temple.  The President shall notify the Secretary of this appointment not later than sixty (60) days following the President’s election.


Section 2Registration Badges – Participation in and admission to any convention activity by any adult over twenty-one (21) years of age will require a convention registration badge as well as any other necessary tickets.


Section 3Refunds – Any member Temple shall have the right to cancel any or all registrations by giving written notice to the Host Temple before June 1st of year of the Convention.  Registration fees covering such canceled rooms shall be refunded to the Temple within 15 days of Cancellation notice.

Section 4Parade

a)      The order of the Southeastern Shrine Association Parade shall be that listed in the latest edition of Directory, S. for Association/Temple parades.

b)      Shrine Temples shall follow the dignitaries in the following order:

1)      Host Temple

2)      President’s Temple

3)      President Elect’s (1st V.P.) Temple

4)      Temples of President’s state by charter date

5)      Temples of 1st Vice-President’s state by charter number.

6)      In order, through the 5th Vice-President, each numbered Vice-President’s Temple followed by his state’s Temples by charter date.

7)      Non-Association Temples by charter date






Section 1 – A proposed amendment to these By-laws may be submitted to THE ASSOCIATION at any time during the meeting and may be adopted by a majority of votes cast by the accredited Representatives present and voting.


Section 2 – All proposed amendments to the By-Laws shall be offered in writing.  They may be modified in any manner by THE ASSOCIATION while the same are under consideration, but such modification must be germane to the subject matter of the proposed amendment.  The entire section to be amended must be fully written out as the same will read with the proposed amendment incorporated therein.

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