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SESA constitution revised - July 2012






Section 1 – This body shall be known by the name, style and title of


Section 2 – Its object shall be to promote cordiality and friendship between the Shrine Temples chartered by Shriners International in the territory assigned the Southeastern Shrine Association which includes (9) southeastern states, namely:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Republic of Panama
Puerto Rico

The Temples eligible for membership are listed annually in the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Appendix of Forms, Shriners International, Part IV. (Amended 1993)

Section 3 – The purposes of the Association are:

(a) To promote large classes during all Temple Ceremonials, thereby stimulating interest in Shrinedom generally.
(b) To promote and support fund raising projects for Shrine Hospital programs.
(c) To cooperate with Shriners International in promoting close Masonic fraternal association with Blue Lodges and other allied Orders.
(d) To promote membership campaigns throughout our territory to increase membership by obtaining new members and preventing loss of members except of unavoidable causes.
(e) To harmonize territorial and jurisdictional questions.
(f) To set fees and dues.
(g) To formulate plans for the exchange of ideas, cuts and stunts.
(h) To promote, support and oversee competitive events among the Uniformed Unit Associations.
(i) To support donations in conjunction with the Wills, Bequests and Gifts Committee of Shriners International.
(j) To support the One Hundred Million Dollar Club.
(k) To sponsor and support the Order of DeMolay for Boys.


Section 4 – The Southeastern Shrine Association yields compliance with Shrine Law and the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Shriners International.

Section 5 – Unless otherwise provided by resolution or by-laws, Parliamentary procedures shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition copyrighted by the Robert’s Rules Association.





Section 1 – THE SOUTHEASTERN SHRINE ASSOCIATION, herewith referred to as THE ASSOCIATION, and shall meet annually on any Thursday, Friday and Saturday during August at such place as shall have been determined by the Time and Place Committee, or a majority of the members at a previous meeting.


Section 2 – Special meetings may be called by the President in any emergency, at any time and place at his discretion, or when requested by twelve (12) member Temples of THE ASSOCIATION; due notice of said special meeting to be given to each Representative stating the business to be considered.


Section 3 – A quorum for any meeting for the transaction of business shall consist of representation from the majority of member Temples.


Section 4 – Notice of annual meetings must be given at least ninety days in advance; Notice of special meetings shall be issued at least ten days prior to such meetings.


Section 5 – The various Uniformed Unit Associations within the Southeastern Shrine Association shall arrange their meeting with those of the SESA, at the same time keeping their By-laws amendable to laws, regulations and edicts of the SESA and Shriners International and all Officer of Uniform Units of the Association must be from Member Temples.




Membership and Dues


Section 1 – The voting power of THE ASSOCIATION shall be vested in a Body composed of Three (3) REPRESENTATIVES from each Member Temple, said representatives to be the Potentate, the Recorder and One (1) additional Noble to be elected by each Member Temple. Further, that all elective officers of THE ASSOCIATION and all Shriners International Officers and Past Shriners International Potentates within the jurisdiction of THE ASSOCIATION, shall be Representatives AT LARGE with all rights and privileges and that all Past Presidents of the association shall be Representatives At Large with all rights and privileges, providing their TEMPLE is a MEMBER TEMPLE in good standing with this ASSOCIATION. The Southeastern Shrine Association may, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any session, elect as an Emeritus Member of the Southeastern Shrine Association, providing their TEMPLE is a MEMBER TEMPLE in good standing with this ASSOCIATION. If any Noble who has been a representative for fifteen years and who is recommended for such honor by the Committee of Nomination of Emeritus Members; provided, that if there is no meeting of the Association in any one year for any reason, that number of years entitling a representative to be an Emeritus Member provided that he is elected a representative for that year or is a member of the Committee on Jurisprudence and Laws, or is a member of the Committee on Finance and accounts. Every Emeritus Member shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of an election representative, providing their TEMPLE is a MEMBER TEMPLE in good standing with this ASSOCIATION. Further, that all Past Potentates, Chief Rabbans, Assistant Rabbans and Shriners International representatives of each Member Temple, shall be honorary members of the association without voting power, rights and privileges.


Section 1A – Any Representative, who shall be suspended or expelled from the Shrine, shall thereby forfeit his office and it shall become vacant. If such vacancy shall occur from either of these two causes or if any representative, including the Potentate or Recorder, should resign as a Representative or find that he is unable to attend the annual meeting for any reason, the Potentate is authorized to appoint a Representative to fill such vacancy or vacancies, and the Secretary of the Association shall be immediately notified of such appointment by the Recorder of the Temple in which such event occurs.


Section 2 – The annual dues of each member temple in the Association shall be ten (10) cents per capita of its membership as reported to Shriners International each year. Such dues shall be remitted to the Secretary-Treasurer on or before March 1st of each year. These funds shall be retained by the Secretary-Treasurer for the expenses of the Association and shall be disbursed on order of the Association at any regular meeting or upon order of the SESA President.


Section 2.1 – Host Temple may be, and is hereby empowered to charge a registration fee, not to exceed $12.00 per person, payable in advance to help defray the expenses of said convention. Six dollars ($6.00) of said registration fee per person shall be rebated each year to the Southeastern Shrine Association for the Conduct of its affairs.


A Noble of any Shrine Temple or unit association who has not paid the registration fee and received the official convention badge shall not be permitted to engage in any competition, including the parade. No Noble of a Shrine Temple may occupy a unit association hotel unless he has received the express permission of his Potentate.


Section 2.1.2 – Also, in order to assist further in defraying the expenses of the Convention, the Host Temple is authorized to sell ads in the official program by the Nobility of the Host Temple, retaining one hundred percent (100%) of the net proceeds from ads. No fee shall be charge to any qualified Representative.


Section 2-A – Any Temple which fails to pay its annual dues in full on or before May of each year shall IPSO FACTO cease to remain a member of the Association and any Representative elected to the annual meeting shall not be entitled to sit as a Representative at said meeting. Past Presidents and/or Emeriti members who’s Temples cease to be members of the Southeastern Shrine Association shall lose all rights and privileges as an Ad Vitam and/or Emeriti member of said Association.


Section 2-B – Any Temple which may be dropped from the Association for the non-payment of dues shall not be reinstated without the payment in full of the year such Temple is dropped and also payment in full for the current year’s dues for the year application is made for reinstatement. Reinstatement of a Temple for any of the above reasons automatically reinstates the rights and privileges of the Past President and emeriti members of said Temple.


Section 2-C – The SESA authorizes the host Temple to charge a six dollar ($6.00) per room, per night rebate on rooms used at the SESA Annual Convention. The proceeds from the rebate to be divided on a 50/50 basis, with three dollars ($3.00) per room night to the Host Temple and three dollars ($3.00) per room night to the SESA.


S.E.S.A. Officer Nominating Procedure


The office of Fifth Vice President of the Association will be open for nominations at the 2019 business meeting. The nominating procedure as per the Constitution of the Association is as follows:




Officers, their Titles, Election and Tenure of Office

Section 1 – The officers of The ASSOCIATION shall be:
Section 2A

1. Any Shrine Temple may nominate a member for election as a Southeastern Shrine Association officer provided he's a Representative to the Body at the time of their election.


2. Sponsorship shall be by election and proper resolution by the Nominee’s Shrine Temple at a regular or called meeting. A copy of this election and resolution shall be filed with the Secretary/Treasurer of this Association at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.


3. The Recorder of the candidate’s Shrine Temple shall notify the Southeastern Shrine Association’s President, Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Recorder of each member Shrine Temple of the Association of said endorsement at least ninety (90) days prior to the Southeastern Shrine Association’s annual meeting.


4. Each officer shall serve for a period of one (1) year or until his successor is elected, qualified and installed. No officer may succeed himself in office except for the Secretary/Treasurer.


5. A noble may not serve as President of the Association unless he shall first have been elected and served as Potentate of his Shrine Temple and served at least one term as either First Vice President and/or Second Vice President.


6. With the exception of Florida, no two (2) officers shall serve on the SESA line from the same state, with the exception of the Secretary/Treasurer. (Florida shall be allowed two (2) officers, due to the number of Member Temples.)

Section 3A

1. In the event a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice President, the Shrine Temple sponsoring said Vice President should be extended the privilege of presenting a nominee for the vacancy, except if the vacancy occurs in the office of First Vice President or Second Vice President, the sponsoring Shrine Temple shall not be permitted to fill that vacancy. The Association will extend the privilege to that said Shrine Temple to present a nominee for the bottom of the line.




President’s Duties


Section 1 – The president is the executive officer. He shall preside over all stated and special meeting.


Section 2 – When, in his judgment, the good of THE ASSOCIATION requires it, he shall have power to call special meeting of THE ASSOCIATION, specifying the business to be conducted.


Section 3 – He may do all such other acts and perform such other duties not inconsistent with the Constitution, as in his judgment, the interests of THE ASSOCIATION require.






Section 1 – In event of the death, removal or physical disability of the President, they shall, with full power, severally and respectively, assume the responsibilities and discharge the duties of their superior officers, according to rank, until the disqualification is removed. At all other times, each shall perform the duties traditionally appropriate to his respective position or assigned to him by the President.




Secretary-Treasurer’s Duties


Section 1 – The Secretary-Treasurer shall attend all meeting of THE ASSOCIATION and keep a true record of all its deliberations and transactions, and transcribe the same in a book for that purpose.


Section 2 – He shall collect and receive all the revenues, giving his receipt therefore, and shall deposit in a national bank or trust company in the name of and subject to the order of the Association. He shall pay all orders authorized to be drawn on him, all payments to be by check drawn on the funds of the Association and he shall give a surety bond in favor of the Association in the sum of not less than $20,000.00, the Association to pay the premium on said bond.


Section 3 – He shall make an annual report of his accounts. He shall have his books, papers and accounts present at each annual meeting and render a correct account of his receipts and disbursements, prepared for examination by the Committee of Finance and Accounts. He shall have the custody of the official seal and affix it to all the official communication; notify members of THE ASSOCIATION of the annual and special meetings, and perform such other duties appertaining to his office as may be required; and at the expiration of his term of office he shall deliver to his successor all monies, book, papers or other control as Secretary-Treasurer, and belongings to the SOUTHEASTERN SHRINE ASSOCIATION.


Section 4 – He shall prepare uniform credential blanks and mail them to the several temples in ample time for presentation at the Annual Meetings of THE ASSOCIATION.


Section 5 – He shall represent THE ASSOCIATION and is fully empowered to coordinate plans for the annual convention and mid year meeting each year with Host Temples and their Committees.


Section 6 – He shall receive for his services a sum recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Welfare and Advisory Committee.






Section 1 – Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be in writing, and filed with the Secretary-Treasurer at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting of THE ASSOCIATION, and notice of said proposed amendment shall be sent by the Secretary-Treasurer to each Member Temple.


Section 2 – All amendments proposed to this Constitution shall be in writing. They may be modified in any manner by THE ASSOCIATION while the same is under consideration, but such modification must be germane to the subject matter of the proposed amendments. The entire section to be amended must be fully written out as same will read with the proposed amendment incorporated therein. Adoption of amendments will be by a two-thirds vote of the accredited representatives registered and voting.


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